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Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies

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all-new ULTRALIGHT GEAR 7th edition

Don’t Waste Your Time in the™
Canadian Rockies

The Opinionated Hiking Guide

Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies

The Rockies are so vast, with so many trails, you need a guidebook that truly guides. Counsels you about each trail. Advises you where to hike, where not to hike, and explains why. Ensures you invest your precious hiking days wisely, for maximum reward. Don’t Waste Your Time does this and far more.

A refreshing departure from the dull-guidebook tradition.

DWYT dazzles with more than 560 colour photos, and a graphic, easy-to-read map for each hike. It tells you about each trail as would a very experienced friend: honestly, specifically, colourfully. With intelligence and humour. With insight and emotion. With your needs at heart. As a result, DWYT illuminates each trail, empowering you to choose the optimal one for your interests, ability and mood. It offers discerning advice that can boost a day on the trail from “hmm” to “Wow!”

Comes in a zip-open, hardshell case.

The Opinion book contains all the trip descriptions, and most of the photos. Use it at home, in the car, at the trailhead. It provides everything you need to know to choose your next hike. It’s also a compelling read when you’re between trips. But leave it behind when you go hiking. The nine Fact booklets contain the trail directions, including the maps. Pack the one booklet you need, so you can refer to it while hiking.

Take pages, not the whole book. Average trail weight: 67 g / 2.4 oz per hike.

The Fact booklets are seriously ultralight, so you can always have the complete trail directions and an orientation map—essential gear!—with you in the backcountry. Finally, a hiking guidebook fit for adventure, not just the armchair.

Each Fact booklet is much lighter than any smartphone, tablet or eReader.

Not restricted by battery life, the booklets never need recharging, and never die. They won’t break if dropped. Flipping back-and-forth to compare hikes is easy. Photos are impressively big. Text is easy on the eyes.

145 trips rated Premier, Outstanding, Worthwhile, or Don’t Do.

DWYT covers Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho and Waterton Lakes national parks, plus Mt. Robson and Mt. Assiniboine provincial parks. It includes 84 dayhikes, 41 backpack trips, and 20 shoulder-season trips.

Now a 677-page opus.

The all-new 7th edition has been completely, meticulously updated and expanded. Largely rewritten, it’s even more stimulating than before. What’s new: all the maps; many, full-page photos; several trips; and a few rating changes for previous trips. To verify accuracy, the authors consulted extensively with staff at each of the Canadian Rocky Mountain national parks.

Directions you can rely on.

With DWYT as your guide, you’ll spend your weekend or vacation striding instead of searching, because the By Vehicle and On Foot directions are carefully crafted: precise, clear, complete.

A trove of inspiration.

This is the definitive guide to the range, because it does more than just guide. It inspires. When you’re not on the trail, you can return to DWYT for a motivating reminder of why you love to hike, and why the Canadian Rockies are among the world’s most exciting mountain ranges.

A guidebook on a mission.

“We hope this book compels you to get outdoors more often and stay out longer. Do it to cultivate your wild self. It will give you perspective. Do it because the backcountry teaches simplicity and self-reliance, qualities that make life more fulfilling. Do it to remind yourself why wilderness needs and deserves your protection. A deeper conservation ethic develops naturally in the mountains. And do it to escape the cacophony that muffles the quiet, pure voice within.” -- Kathy & Craig Copeland

677 pages, more than 560 colour photos
145 dayhikes and backpack trips, with a map for each
7th edition, February 2015
hardshell case measures 24 x 16.5 x 6.4 cm
ISBN 978-1927462027