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Don’t Waste Your Time in the Sonoran Desert

Don’t Waste Your Time in the™
Sonoran Desert

The winter vacation guide to hiking Arizona

Kathy was born in Phoenix. Craig’s family moved from out of state to Scottsdale after he graduated from high school. We were introduced to each other by our families. Our second date was a 20-mi (32-km) dayhike in the Mazatzal Wilderness. The relationship continued, with hiking as its fulcrum. A year later, our families gathered in Sedona to celebrate our wedding–outdoors, of course–on the slickrock slopes of Bell Rock. We spent our honeymoon backpacking.

Lured by the Rocky Mountains, we eventually immigrated to Canada. There we abandoned our careers and reshaped our hiking-focused life into a hiking-based livelihood. But Canadian winters deepened our appreciation for Arizona’s seemingly never-winter climate. So we returned to the Sonoran Desert for blue-sky, snow-free hiking between November and April, when daytime highs average 70°F (21°C) to 80°F (27°F). We continue doing so annually, often basing ourselves in Tucson.