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from our 2017 Utah Trip

“We certainly feel we’ve had a fantastic introduction to Grand Staircase— Escalante after a week of hiking with you. From the slickrock walks to the expansive views and canyon overlooks, or walking the river past the soaring canyon walls, the walks you picked were so varied, each had something special to make them all exceptional. And having all those places to ourselves, with no other hikers, made us feel you had truly taken us beyond the guidebooks. Thank you!”

“Hello Skye and Adam, Thanks for a great and exhilarating day. We all loved it even though my wife is past exhausted. My daughter says she’s neither sore nor tired. Oh to be 18 again! For myself, the best single hike I’ve had in years. Far exceeding my expectations.

Really appreciate those great photos too.

All the best, family from Atlanta, USA.”

(Note from the Utah Slickrock Guides: The family of three completed an 8-hour hike with us, descending into Escalante Canyon, in June.)

“Thank you for the wonderful and memorable time. We enjoyed getting to know you all. I appreciate your attention to details and inclusivity in activities and conversations. Your joy of being in the wilderness is contagious.”

(about Adam) “Thank you for sharing your passion for nature and for inviting us into your wilderness sanctuary. Your enthusiasm, adaptability, and knowledge helped make this a truly memorable experience. You were born to be a guide.”


from our 2016 Spain Trip

“What a terrific time we’ve had in a wee corner of Spain. We enjoyed the hiking, the impromptu tours, the food, our group, everything. All made possible because of the two of you! We really enjoyed your boundless enthusiasm. It was infectious and brought the best out in everybody.

“My heart felt thanks to you both for your facilitating such a memorable holiday. My reservations for signing up for an activity outside my comfort zone were soon dispelled on meeting you. It was wonderful to be so supported in a new adventure without being on “a tour”. Your attention to detail in finding exhilarating hikes, delightful accommodations, eclectic restaurants and informative cultural spots was obvious. Every day a new adventure in the hills, in the towns.

“Maintaining endless enthusiasm and smiling faces even on the days of rain, fog and “colds” was super human. Your ability to bring the group together while attending to and learning about each individual showed your talents as trip leaders. All comes down to being the kind, caring, thoughtful people that you both are.”

“Thank you for sharing all of your experience and knowledge with the rest of us! We both very much enjoyed: the company, the opportunity to hike with such avid and positive companions, the insightful comments/tours re historical sites in Tortosa, the food and hotels in general, the physical activity in the mountains, the thoughtful discussions with our fellow hikers, olives, almonds, oranges and hearing Spanish……visiting the villages. Glad we were away from the overly-touristy coast.”

“A great opportunity for fit and avid hikers to enjoy less travelled mountain trails, well planned and seriously well researched by Kathy and Craig.”

“I was going over the daily slideshows I made, and marvelled at how you two packed so much into so little time. We had a wonderful experience, an experience we would not have had without the two of you. And thank you also for the generosity you showed all of us in giving of yourselves and your obvious joy of life in what you do. We loved sharing it with you.”

“Words really can’t express our thoughts. We truly enjoyed all aspects of our trip from the fantastic hikes to the great experience (and experiments) with food. We so appreciate your help with our side track. You went above and beyond.”

“It has been a most memorable, fun, fantastic experience!”

“With better weather, we would have enjoyed some longer days and more challenging terrain. As it was with being winter, the hikes were suitable. The terrain was mixed and the historic artifacts along the trail were really interesting.”

“I can’t think of two kinder, gentler souls than the two of you…so at peace with the earth. To be able to share these moments with you in your garden is very special.”

“Regarding the accommodation, Torre del Prior was awesome, comfortable, relaxed, lovely. Hotel Alahuar was also comfortable, but a bit out of the way in terms of needing to drive for groceries, restaurants and to several trailheads. The hikes nearby the hotel were great. We enjoyed the food at the hotel restaurant, and would have preferred to eat the evening meal there rather than to drive down the hill.”

(Note from the Copelands: Our trips offer a variety of group dining experiences, but our guests are always welcome to dine on their own at restaurants they choose.)

“For a well researched, interesting, safe, and all around enjoyable hiking tour, join the Copelands on one of their fully-planned hiking journeys😊!!”

“Buffet breakfasts at Alahuar were great. Tapas were delicious in Tortosa. Loved the Indian restaurant in Orba. Really great food overall!”

“We liked that since all of the planning and research was done by you guys, we did not need to devote any time to that before and during our hiking. During the trip we had more time to socialize with everyone and enjoy things like meals, tours and such, including our interesting conversations with you two.”

“Thank you so much for taking the chance on me to join you for this trip of a lifetime. You both have done an awesome job of coordinating all the activities, the meal planning, reservations, the day hikes—everything was wonderful. Spectacular scenery. Fellowship was great.

I could not have asked for anything else. Thank you for a dream come true.”

“What a wonderful, beautiful couple you are. Thank you for the fantastic experience. You have provided us with heartfelt efforts to ensure we see and feel this part of Spain. We really appreciate it. The hikes have been marvelous and so varied. The meals were excellent.”

“We had a fantastic time with your on our Spain hiking adventure. Such a great group of friends. You were both always so positive and encouraging.”

“It was very nice to meet and hike with a great group of people. Your experience and advice as ‘scouts’ was invaluable. It allowed me to see and do much more than I could have if I just went on my own for even a three-week trip. It’s the same as with your books. It’s very useful to have the advice of people who have explored and investigated an area. I greatly enjoyed exploring Barcelona and Granada on my own, but this too was aided by your suggestions.”