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Vega One

This Makes Backpacking With a Stove, Fuel & Cooking Gear Seem Ridiculous

The Vega “One” Meal Bar

How many sports nutrition bars, snacks, and meal supplements have we tried?

Ugh. Dozens. We continually, gamely experiment with them, hoping to find one that provides high-octane fuel, is robustly nutritious, tastes great, and doesn’t quickly lose its appeal.

We’re happy to report that the Vega “One” Meal Bar—specifically the chocolate-cherry-almond flavour—meets all our requirements.

We’ve been eating Vega One bars regularly, on nearly every hike during the past couple months, and we’re still enamored—enough so that we can enthusiastically recommend them to you.

Of paramount importance, the Vega One is delicious. It’s neither candy-indulgence sweet, nor wince-and-gag bland. It’s covered with dark chocolate, so it’s appealing and enjoyable, yet it’s tasty in a wholesome, nuanced way that’s distinctly unlike dessert.

And for something that fits in the palm of your hand, and travels in your pack with resilience, it’s incredibly good for you:

Protein – 12g – equal to 2.2 eggs

Fiber – 4g – equal to 2.1 slices of toast

Greens – made from one serving of vegetables

Dairy-free probiotics – 1 billion – equal to 1 cup of yogurt (100g)

Omega 3 – 1g – equal to 2 servings of salmon

Antioxidants – 1.4 cups – equal to 1.4 cups of blueberries

Vitamins & Minerals – 25

Here’s the complete list of ingredients. It’s astonishing:


Though we have no relationship with Vega, we don’t pay retail for Vega One bars. We purchase them here: www.vitacost.com/vega-one-bar-chocolate-cherry-almond-12-bars But we do suggest you visit www.myvega.com to check out there other, excellent, sports-nutrition products.

Walk on!