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Black Tusk BC

"Black Tusk BC" is an odd term, so let's clarify it. The Black Tusk is a specific, unique, geologic formation. BC stands for British Columbia, the Canadian province in which the Black Tusk is located. We will, however, continue using the term "Black Tusk BC" in case, for whatever reason, you searched those specific words. But be aware you will not find it labeled as such elsewhere. You'll see it as "the Black Tusk" or simply "the Tusk."

Black Tusk BC is a pinnacle of volcanic rock in British Columbia's Garibaldi Provincial Park. The 2,319-m (7,608-ft) summit of the Tusk is visible from vast distances in all directions, including the Sea-to-Sky Highway just south of Whistler.

Black Tusk BC is unique, readily identifiable, widely known, and thus an icon within B.C.'s Coast Mountains. It's the remnant of an extinct volcano that formed about 1.3 million years ago. To Natives, the Tusk is the Landing Place of the Thunderbird. They say its distinctive, dark colour is the result of the Thunderbird's lightning.

The shoulder of the Tusk is a popular hiking destination. Most people approach it via the Rubble Creek trail and Taylor Meadows campground near Garibaldi Lake. A better way to reach it is from the north, via Helm Lake, as described in Done in a Day Whistler, The Ten Premier Hikes.

It's possible to surmount the south summit of the Black Tusk BC lava column by scrambling up a short, exposed chimney. The true summit, only about a meter higher, is immediately north, across an airy notch. It's rarely climbed, requiring a 10-m (33-ft) rappel into the notch followed by a dangerous ascent on crumbling lava. Just north of the north summit is yet another isolated formation known as "Bishop's Mitre," which supposedly has never been climbed.

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