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Bears Beware!

Bears Beware! Bear Safety MP3

Warning Calls You Can Make to Avoid an Encounter

Here's the 30-minute MP3 that could save your life.

Download it to your computer. Listen to it at home, or on your iPod while driving to the trailhead. Before you start hiking, you'll know how to avoid a bear encounter. Your trip will be safer and more enjoyable.

You'll find out why standard bear safety tips like pepper spray, talking, and bells are insufficient protection. You'll realize that using your voice is the only reliable method of preventing a bear encounter. You'll discover why warning calls are the key to defensive hiking. You'll understand how, where and when to make warning calls. You'll learn specific bear safety strategies for worry-free hiking and camping in bear country.

Listening to Bears Beware! will calm your fear of bears. It will make you a smarter, more confident hiker. It will help ensure you never have to use your pepper spray. By reducing the number of bear encounters, it will ultimately help protect bears.

Bears Beware! was endorsed by the wardens at Jasper Park, which has the biggest grizzly-bear population in the Rockies. It was also approved by the wardens at Waterton Park, which has the highest concentration of grizzly bears in the Rockies.