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Le Mejie, from Plateau de Emparis, French Alps

Le Mejie, from Plateau d’Emparis, French Alps

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Kathy and Craig are dedicated to each other and to hiking, in that order. Their second date was a 20-mi (32-km) dayhike in Arizona. Since then they haven’t stopped for long.

They’ve trekked through much of the world’s vertical topography, including the Nepalese Himalaya, Patagonian Andes, and New Zealand Alps. In Europe, they’ve hiked the Scottish Highlands, Spain’s Canary Islands, Costa Blanca mountains and Els Ports range, Mallorca’s Serra de Tramontana, the Alpes Maritimes, the French, Swiss, Austrian, and Italian Alps, the French and Spanish Pyrenees, and Italy’s Dolomiti and Apennini. In North America, they’ve explored the B.C. Coast, Selkirk and Purcell ranges, Montana’s Beartooth Wilderness, Wyoming’s Grand Tetons, the Colorado Rockies, the California Sierra, and Arizona’s Superstition Wilderness and Grand Canyon.

In 1989, they moved from the U.S. to Canada, so they could live near the range that inspired the first of their refreshingly unconventional books: Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies, The Opinionated Hiking Guide. Its popularity encouraged them to abandon their careers -- Kathy as an ESL teacher, Craig as an ad-agency creative director -- and start their own guidebook publishing company: hikingcamping.com. They now migrate annually to southern Utah, where they wrote Hiking From Here To Wow: Utah Canyon Country. Among their other books is Heading Outdoors Eventually Leads Within, which explores the interior dimension of hiking.

Though the distances they hike are epic, Kathy and Craig agree that hiking, no matter how far, is the easiest of the many tasks necessary to create a guidebook. What they find most challenging is the need to spend twice as much time at their computers -- writing, organizing, editing, checking facts -- as they do on the trail.

The result is worth it. Kathy and Craig’s colorful writing, opinionated commentary, and enthusiasm for the joys of hiking make their guidebooks uniquely helpful and compelling.